Empowering The Nation

We’re the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group, a non-partisan think tank of progressive minds who have come together to share our knowledge, bring together the work of others and advance the debate on Scotland’s future.

National Conference: Empowering the Nation 29-31 July 2022

The conference was a great success. We’re working through all the feedback to plan our next steps. If you’ve subscribed to SSRG you’ll be first to know.

SSRG Roadshows

Roadshow events were held on a range of topics in the run up to our Empowering the Nation conference. Information on these and links to the topics covered at the conference are included in our Forward Agenda.  

The Work of the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group

Our work aims to bring together constitutional academics and experts from around the world to research the big questions and the policies & strategies that Scotland needs to address for the future. SSRG members meet regularly to ask the questions and get experts answers. 

Our aim is to take our projects and topics to the point where they may be used within the present devolved settlement. Where appropriate we aim to press the Scottish Government to take on board our research conclusions.

 If our research shows that current devolved powers do not allow Scotland to make progress on a particular policy or strategy then this will be presented to the people of Scotland so that it is clear to everyone where power under the devolved settlement resides. Clarity on this will inform and enable decisions on the best way forward for the people of Scotland on the constitutional question.

We aim to work with all organisations across Scotland and beyond to help establish and promote a new peaceful Scottish Liberation Movement to establish a new Scottish National Congress capable of enacting the sovereign Independence of the Scottish nation and to bring forward Scotland’s case to the international community and the international courts. SSRG will offer administrative and secretariat support to pave the way for the new Scottish National Congress.