Empowering The Nation

We’re the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group, a non-partisan think tank of progressive minds who have come together to share our knowledge, bring together the work of others and advance the debate on Scotland’s future.

SSRG Roadshows

We’re travelling around Scotland to inform on & explore a range of topics which address how Scotland can improve and move forward as a self reliant and sovereign nation.

The Conference

We are holding a three-day people’s conference at the Carnegie Conference Centre in Dunfermline from 29-31 July on the best way to empower our nation and take our country forward. You’re invited.

The Work of the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group

Our work aims to bring together constitutional academics and experts from around the world to research the big questions and the policies & strategies that Scotland needs to address for the future. SSRG members meet regularly to ask the questions and get experts answers.

Only once all the facts have been established and verified do we publish our papers. Our aim is to take our projects and topics to the point where they may be used within the present devolved settlement. Where appropriate we aim to press the Scottish Government to take on board our research conclusions and put in place any legislation and / or resources to put them into action.

If our research shows that current devolved powers do not allow Scotland to make progress on a particular policy or strategy then this will be presented to Westminster and the people of Scotland so that it is clear to everyone where power under the devolved settlement resides. Clarity on this will inform and enable decisions on the best way forward for the people of Scotland on the constitutional question.

SIX Routes to Independence

Our view based on research is that Scotland should have full self determination as a sovereign state as soon as possible and we have identified at least six routes to achieving this.

They are summarised below.

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Route to Independence

Claim of Right

The Treaty of Union that created the UK is itself conditional on Scotland retaining its own distinctive constitution, contained and described in the Claim of Right Act of 1689.

It means, above all, that we retain the right, even today, to remove a governing authority when it no longer functions in the interest of the Scottish people.

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Route to Independence

Plebiscitory Election

At the 2024 UK general election Indy-supporting parties adopt a manifesto commitment that a majority of seats won by parties supporting independence gives those parties a mandate for independence.
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Route to Independence

Manifesto for indy

Independence Parties with a majority of pro-Indy Scottish MPs in UK Parliament withdraw those MPs, and withdraw from the Treaty of Union at any time on the basis of multiple breaches of the Treaty.
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Route to Independence

UN Decolonisation

Scotland is not in a union of equal states but is in fact an internal colony within the UK.

The UN has defined Ireland, once a constituent part of the UK union, to be a former colony and thus Scotland, being little different, must be a current colony.

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Route to Independence

Section 30 Referendum

The Scottish Government should ask the UK Government to grant a Section 30 order, enabling the a second independence referendum, along the lines of the 2014 referendum (the “Gold Standard”).

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Route to Independence

Unauthorised Referendum

The Scottish Government should ask the UK Government to grant a Section 30 order, enabling the a second independence referendum, along the lines of the 2014 referendum (the “Gold Standard”).

If permission is refused, the Scottish Government should run it anyway.

The Conference, Empowering the Nation

We have identified six routes to full independence and now invite debate on them to understand what you, the people of Scotland, want to take forward as the best way to achieve Scottish self determination.

With national and international speakers, breakout rooms and fringe events to enable discussion and debate, it will be the conference where you create a new, energised campaign and start the process of building the new Scottish state.

Join experts, academics, political leaders, trade unionists and civic Scotland for three days of debate & discussion on Scotland’s future.

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29 July – 31 July

Carnegie Conference Centre

Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline

More information about the conference (speakers, subjects, breakout sessions etc) will appear on our website and our Twitter feed as it’s announced. To ensure that you don’t miss any update, subscribe using the form below.

Pricing &  Registration

Tickets cost £25 for the three days of the conference and any breakout meetings you wish to attend. Refreshments and meals may be purchased separately from the venue’s restaurant.