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Events & Roadshows

You’re invited.

Want to find out why re-running indyref1 isn’t the best way of restoring our independence? We’re running roadshows on all things independence across the country plus a conference in July. Come along, learn about your Sovereignty and contribute to the discussion.

Around the Country Roadshows

Come along. We’ll be in Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh, Dumfries, Glasgow, Perth, Markinch and Dunfermline.

National Conference

A three-day convention from 29-31 July on independence and Ending the Union

Saturday, 30 April: A Written Constitution & the Legal System


10:30 - 16:30

Station Hotel, Aberdeen AB11 6GN

Constitution & Legal System

Event Organiser: Geoff Bush

This roadshow will discuss the need for a written constitution for Scotland, the electoral franchise and related audit bodies. Also included in a busy agenda are local authority reform and how to achieve more local democracy.


11:00am – 1:00pm

Room 3

Written Constitution

Speaker: Dr Mark McNaught

Mark will present the need for a written constitution for an independent Scotland and look at other countries’ constitutions. The UK is famous – or infamous – for having what’s called an ‘unwritten’ constitution. An independent Scotland needs to avoid that approach.


11:00am – 1:00pm

Room 3

The Electoral Franchise

Speaker: Yvonne Ridley


2:00pm – 4:00pm

Room 3

Improving Local Government

Speaker: Lesley Riddoch

Lesley is a well-known broadcaster and evangelist for restoring our independence. She, along with Phantom Power Films, produced and narrated the Nation films about our small, independent neighbours, Iceland, the Faroes and Norway. Her roadshow presentation is on another subject that she’s very passionate about, that of bringing local democracy closer to people.

Saturday, 14 May: Individual Rights & Responsibilities



Station Hotel, Aberdeen

Individual Rights & Responsibilities

Event Organiser: David Henry

Saturday 28 May: Currency & Economic System




Central Bank, Currency, Economic Organisation

Speaker: Dr Tim Rideout

Those who attended the 2019 SNP conference will remember Tim Rideout’s speech at which the membership voted against the leadership and passed the motion to establish a Scottish currency as soon after independence as practicable.

Tim will discuss the process and timetable for the introduction of the new Scottish currency.

Friday 3 June: Relations with Europe & rUK


7pm - 9pm

Eric Liddell Centre, 15 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh EH10 4DP

Relations with Europe & rUK

Speaker: Jim Sillars

Jim Sillars joins the SSRG Roadshow in Edinburgh to discuss how Scotland as a independent country must gain international recognition. Direct trade with Europe and much more will be discussed.

The event is free but seats are limited so reserve yours now.

The meeting and discussion will also be available online via this website.

Jim Sillars is one of Scotland’s best known politicians. He founded the pro home rule Scottish Labour Party and served as the SNP’s deputy leader from 1991 to 1992.

Saturday 11 June: International Recognition & Relations



Aberdour Hotel, Newall Terrace, Dumfries, DG1 1LW

International Recognition & Relations

Speakers: David Younger and Paul McCartney

David is part of the team at SSRG and was a contributor to advice given to the EU Commission on the status of Scotland within the EU post independence. He and Paul will discuss international recognition for Scotland after it withdraws from the Treaty of Union.

Video Recording of Event

Please click or touch here to view the recording. 


Friday 17 June: Media, Language & Culture



Carrickvale Community Centre, Edinburgh EH11 3HH

Media, Language & Culture

Speakers: Professor Alf Baird and David Henry

In this fascinating presentation, David and Prof Baird tackle the British war that has been waged on Scottish culture head on. Historically the Scots have suffered more than most from a heavy dose of British Anglophone cultural imperialism.

Only national sovereignty and independence can guarantee of national culture, and that therefore Scotland needs to halt the ongoing ‘symbolic violence’ inflicted on its people and allow Scottish culture and the Scots language, which collectively form the basis of Scottish identity and hence national consciousness, to develop naturally and respectfully and without undue external influence and domination.

Video Recording of Event

Please click or touch here to view the recording.


Saturday 25 June: Defence




Defending an Independent Scotland

Speaker: Andrew Parrot

Lt-Col (Retd) Andrew Parrot is co-author of the 2013 publication, Securing the Nation, a report on what the security priorities should be for the government of a newly independent Scotland; and what a Scottish Defence Force (SDF) should look like in order to meet these priorities.

Saturday 2 July: Strategic Infrastructure



Zoom Only

Strategic Infrastructure

Speaker: Professor Alf Baird

Prof Baird was, prior to his retirement in 2016, Professor of Maritime Business and Director of the Maritime Research Group at Edinburgh Napier University and holds a PhD in Strategic Management in Global Shipping.

He will discuss the reality of Scotland’s outdated obsolete seaports, and its embarrassing lack of sophisticated, frequent international shipping connections with the outside world.

His vision for an independent Scotland is to develop two major national strategic port priorities and opportunities: at Cockenzie on the site of the former power station aimed at developing intra-European trade, and the unique natural deep-water harbour of Scapa Flow, positioned as it is at the crossroads of the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Also on the agenda will the wider strategic transport and utility imperatives needed for independence like the road and rail networks, and energy and communications distribution and ownership.

Saturday 9 July: Land Reform




Land Reform

Speaker: Graeme MacCormack

Who owns Scotland?

Saturday 16 July: A Digital Democracy




A Digital Democracy

Speakers: Iain Leckenby, Liam Bell, Iain Lawson

At the turn of the century, Estonia embarked on a mission to technologically transform its society. It would go on to become world-renowned for its digital-first ethos and has seen Estonia rise to become one of the most digitally advanced nations in Europe.

Is this a template that an independent Scotland could or should adopt?

29 – 31 July: End the Union – An Independence Convention



Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline

The Conference: Empowering the Nation

We have identified six routes to independence. Now we need to debate them and understand what you, the YES movement, want to take forward as the best way to achieve Scottish independence.

With national and international speakers and breakout rooms to enable discussion and debate, it will be the conference where you create a new, energised campaign and start the process of building the new Scottish state.

Join experts, academics, political leaders, trade unionists and civic Scotland for three days of debate & discussion on Scotland’s future.

Head to The Conference page for information and ticket sale information