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These are documents researched or written by the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group on the subjects of Scottish sovereignty and ways in which Scotland can restore its independence.

Where possible each document has an abridged version for reading on the website and a full version which may be downloaded.

SSRG Document Library

The Treaty Bites Back

By Sara Salyers

The Claim of Right was passed by the Scottish parliament in 1689. It forms a fundamental condition of the Treaty of Union.

Plebiscitary Election

By Dr Mark McNaught

A route to independence where a normal scheduled democratic event is utilised to seek a democratic mandate to declare or to negotiate independence.

A Draft Constitution

By Dr W. Elliot Bulmer

(1) On Independence Day, Scotland becomes an independent State under this Constitution.
(2) “Independence Day” is a day to be specified by a resolution of the Scottish

The Scottish Senate

By David Younger

The objective here, is to establish a second chamber whose prime responsibility is to the Scottish people through the people’s assembly.

Who We Are

By David Younger

Who We Are and Where We Come From.
(The Origins and Character of Scottish Popular Sovereignty)

Open Letter to the Leaders of the Pro-Independence Parties in Westminster and Holyrood

By David Henry
10 November 2021

It is our informed view that pro-independence parties in the Holyrood and Westminster Parliaments already hold the power to achieve independence for Scotland.

Open Letter to MPs and MSPs

By David Henry
9 October 2021

It is our informed view that there is nothing in the UK’s unwritten constitution that prevents a majority of Scottish MP’s, representing the Scottish party to the Treaty of Union, to collectively vote to withdraw from it.

Route and Plan to delivering Scotland’s Independence

By David Henry
10 September 2021

SSRG proposes that the Scottish Parliament declares that it is the only parliament which represents the sovereign will of the Scottish People. As such it should pass a motion to declare that Scotland as a sovereign nation is withdrawing with immediate effect from the Treaty of Union with England.

The Legal Provisions In The Acts Of Union

By JD Ford

A scholarly analysis from 2007 of the four Articles in the Treaty Of Union which provided for the preservation of the laws and courts of Scotland.

SSRG Proposal for Scottish Independence

June 2021: Manifesto for Indy
By David Henry

It is beyond doubt that Scotland is a Sovereign Nation and that the people of Scotland are a Sovereign People, and that they and they alone can determine the form of governance they so choose. Scotland is bound to the UK construct only by treaty, and as a de facto independent entity has the right to dissolve that treaty at any time it so chooses.

Why We Don’t Need A Referendum

By David Henry

We are in danger of establishing a precedent by which only a majority vote by all the people in a future referendum would suffice to progress to full independence.

Decolonisation and Liberation of the Scots

By Professor Alfred Baird

The theoretical framework on the subject of Scotland’s independence provides for new insights into Scotland’s oppressive colonial reality as the underlying rationale and motivation for independence, which is also about decolonisation.

Section 30 Referendum

By Dr Mark McNaught

Called the ‘gold standard’ referendum by the leader of the SNP, this is essentially a re-run of the 2014 referendum

Referendum Without A Section 30 Order.

By Dr Mark McNaught

A referendum held entirely under the aegis of the Scottish government.

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