Scottish Sovereignty Research Group

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Dr Mark McNaught

Founder, SSRG

Founder of the SSRG, Mark McNaught is a Doctor of Political Science, and is a Maître de Conférences at the University of Rennes, France. He has written extensively about Scottish independence from a constitutional perspective, and hosts the ‘Building the Scottish State Show’ on Thursday evenings on Independence Live.

Building the Scottish State: Thursdays @ 7:00pm

David Henry

Media entrepreneur with a keen interest in media regulation, economics and trade. Team player with communication skills and desktop publishing and graphic design skills. Took an active role in the SNP party and interested in policy development in Scottish politics. Supporter of Equal and Human Rights.

John Brown

Retired civil servant (DWP & Cabinet Office). Scottish Italian. Member of NowScotland. Co-author of booklet and website, Independence in Your Pocket. Occasional potter & part time olive grower.

Geoff Bush

Retired businessman with a background in local television broadcasting and active supporter for a Scottish written constitution. Business development and strategist and team builder.

Sara Salyers

Managed two independent TV production companies, and was the investigator and producer for two short-listed documentaries (Channel 4 and BBC), and one award winning documentary for the BBC. Taught in the USA from 2009 to 2014, creating own syllabus for classrooms of ‘non traditional’ college students, then taught communications in Fife College from 2015 to 2017. Presently working, with other writers and researchers, on a project to restore the sovereignty of the Scottish people, (unlawfully replaced by UK parliamentary sovereignty), under the ratified provisions of the Claim of Right.

David Younger

BA (hons) BArch.(London). Former director of John Michael Design Plc. Director of Intercept Design Consultants Ltd. Member of EDEA, honorary member of the Swedish Society of Industrial Designers, consulting contributor to EU SPRINT Commission 1993 – 2001. Advisory contributor to UNPO committee advising on self-determination for indigenous societies. Contributor to the UN commission on self-determination2001 -2. Contributor to advice given to EU Commission on the status of Scotland within the EU post independence 2012-14.

Brian Allan

Interested in politics after the independence referendum in 2014. Joined a local SNP group for a while then became more involved with the local Yes group in Aberdeen. Currently exploring the new Alba Party and continue working to develop a unified Independence Movement. Brian also does volunteer work in his local community.

Dorothy Jessiman

Dot Jessiman was born a Cockney, married a Scot who returned to Scotland on the back of the oil and has lived for 40 years on a croft in rural Aberdeenshire. 

For the past 15 years she has run a Talk Independence stall that tours the northern Summer Shows for which she researched a comprehensive series of information leaflets on subjects identified by questions from the public. 

Prof Allan I Macinnes

Started his academic career as a lecturer in Glasgow University in 1973 and went on to hold chairs of History in Aberdeen and Strathclyde Universities and a visiting chair in British History at Chicago University. Since his retiral in 2014, he has been Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Strathclyde. He has published extensively on British state formation, Scottish Jacobitism and Highland clans and clearances. His current research focuses mainly on Jacobitism, Enlightenment and global awareness, with an ongoing interest in the history of slate quarrying in Scotland. During the first independence campaign in 2014 he was an itinerant activist speaking in favour of a ‘Yes’ vote in town and village halls in the Highlands and Islands