The Conference

You’re invited.

Scottish Sovereignty Research Group Conference

29,30,31 July 2022 at the Carnegie Conference Centre Dunfermline

Come and take part in SSRG’s first conference and play your part in helping to shape the future of Scotland

Your Ticket

Tickets cost £25 for the full three days of the conference including for any breakout meetings you wish to attend. Refreshments and meals may be purchased separately from the venue’s restaurant.

The Conference

EMPOWERING THE NATION is a deliberately ambitious event where we will cover many of the important issues currently facing Scotland, discussed by well-known expert speakers from Scotland and beyond, including Prof Alf Baird, Prof Richard Murphy, Sara Salyers, Prof Paul McCartney, Billy Kay and many more to be announced.

We’ll be covering:

• Six Routes to Self-Determination
• Scotland’s economy post independence, currency, taxation and more
• Language, Culture and Identity
• Land Ownership and Natural Resources
• Scotland’s Defence requirements and policies
• Media Ownership and Regulation
• International Recognition and Relations, EU, EFTA and more
• Strategic National Infrastructure & Trade
• Scotland’s Constitution – the Historic Constitution, based on the Claim of Right, and the development of a modern written constitution

EMPOWERING THE NATION is not just a conference though. Delegates (that’s you) are invited to participate and contribute to work streams related to each of the topics, with the aim of generating practical follow-up actions in each of the topic areas.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Dr Mark McNaught, SSRG
  • Peter A Bell
  • Sara Salyers
  • Professor Alf Baird
  • Dr Tim Rideout
  • Professor Richard Murphy
  • Billy Kay
  • Graeme McCormick
  • David Henry
  • Gordon Ross
  • Professor Paul McCartney
  • David Younger
  • Dr Elliot Bulmer
  • Martin Keatings
  • Iain Lawson

And more to be announced soon


  • 6 Routes to Independence
  • Scotland’s Economy, Currency, Taxation etc
  • Televised “Scottish Questions”
  • Language, Culture & Identity
  • Land Ownership, Taxation, Natural Resources
  • Media Ownership and regulation
  • Defence requirements and Policy in Scotland
  • International Law & Relations, Recognition:
  • Strategic Infrastructure and Trade
  • Scotland’s Constitution
    (The Historic Constitution
    and the development of a Constitution
    for an independent Scotland)
  • Findings, Conclusions and Actionable
    Outcomes from Group Working Sessions
  • Close of Conference & next steps